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A blend of salts of the dead sea and Epsom salts. Help stimulate pores, detoxify and cleanse. Great for aching muscles.


Instantly nourish your skin with this great, all over moisturizer.


A great smelling spritz to keep your summer fresh and breezy!


Rub on temples, back of neck, under nose to soothe headaches.


Great for achy, tight muscles. Straight up menthol in a skin loving buttery base with a relaxing blend of essential oils.


Soothe aching muscles, detox your skin with this therapeutic blend of soulful goodness. Great for colds and fever too!


Stuffy noses, congested chests, hacking cough – they don’t stand a chance with this rub! Rub in on, breathe it in! Good for what ails you.